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This was supposed to be something completely different, but turned into this instead because I couldn't be bothered to make the original idea work.

Title: Read Between the Lines
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Warnings: meta-ish? Fake links.
Disclaimer: watch as I write fiction about fiction
Notes: Unbeta'd. Post-Cap2 canon compliant. Won't work properly if you have fonts in any colour that isn't black.

Extract from Fear Intelligence: Accountability, Government Secrecy and the SHIELD/Hydra Exposé by Helen F. Walker and S. Katerina Nesbø

Thanks to copious redactions - SHIELD were paranoid enough to redact even their digital copies - gleaning information from the dump has proved challenging for even the best data analysts, something not helped by much of the information being removed almost as soon as it was released (some suspect Stark Industries' owner and Iron Man alter ego Tony Stark). However, they do show some interesting, and worrying, things about the processes under which former SHIELD Agents operated. In light of the Hydra exposé, some of these processes and decisions make more sense, but one still must wonder about the people behind these files; their apparent comfort with destruction, their disregard for human life and, in this particular case (fig. 9), their ability to identify enough with a target to save them from a government sanctioned hit.

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division

Operation Debrief – Covert Missions

Mission Code: O/CFX499 – Operation Redbird [see file]
Target: “Black Widow” [see file: USHL/107789/X3]
Objective: Neutralisation
Team: Covert Alpha 1X – Team Leader: “Teller” [ID103372TE]; Backup: “Looper” [ID103510LP]; Operative: “Hawkeye” [ID103988HE].


See mission reports prior to 13/08/2008 [O/CFX499/DB/1-17 inclusive] for relevant sit. reps. concerning Operation Redbird. The following debrief only relevant to mission from 13/08/2008 to Mission End – 16/08/2008.

[Debrief of ID103510LP filed separately – O/CFX499/DB/18b]

[Official mission debrief: O/CFX499/DB/18d/XMC/END]

O/CFX499/DB/18a: Initial debrief of ID103988HE carried out by ID103372TE on 20/08/2008 at 1338 hours on board QuinJet en route to European SHIELD HQ: Berlin.

Transcript of recorded conversation (sub: /18a/mp3)


Operative: We’re seriously doing this now? It can’t wait ‘til I’ve, you know, showered? Slept?

Team Leader: We’re seriously doing this now.

O: I hate you. [sighs] On the evening of 13/08/2008 I left the Grand Budapest Hotel on Aleksandra Street via the south facing seventh (7th) story window. I gained roof access via the drains and a guy line I left the night before [see report: O/CFX499/DB/17]. From my recon two (2) days prior [O/CFX499/DB/16] I determined that our target [“Black Widow”] was staying in the abandoned apartment behind the Bolshoi Theater two (2) blocks south of my position. Previous contact with target had determined that a direct, ground level approach would be unwise [DB/CFX499/11] so I elected to approach over the rooftops under cover of twilight. I mapped the route the previous night [O/CFX499/DB/17].

TL: Does accounting need to know of any property damage, Hawkeye?

O: No. Approach took approximately seventeen (17) minutes. I approached the building from the north east. Entry was gained through the third story, west side window. The window was rigged. I disabled it. The room was small, west facing. One (1) table, one (1) mattress, one (1) door. Signs of occupation, though scant. Door rigged and tripwired. Weapons stashed around the room. I left the door, but moved the majority of the weapons. Target’s job was estimated to finish around 0330 14/08/2008 [O/TFF887 sub; 107789/X3] so I holed up and waited.

TL: And what an enjoyable experience that was for Looper and I. [Entire comm. transcript: O/CFX499/CT/HE37]

O: Shut up, you love it. Target approach heard at 0337 from street. At the time, it was hard to make out but there was hostile pursuit.

TL: Hostile to whom?

O: ‘Whom’ Teller? Jesus. Both. Target was focus but I would have made a happy bonus. SHIELD pissed off Wawrzyniak, who knew, right?

TL: Focus.

O: Yeah, yeah. [pause] At 0338 target entered room after disabling door. Attempt was made to neutralize target but was unsuccessful. I lost my comm unit [O/CFX499/CT/HE37]. Hostiles were about two (2) minutes behind. I escaped back out through the window. Target followed. After brief consideration I went up, accessing the roof again from the west side. Roof was empty but didn’t remain so. I escaped via the theater roof to the north, and across to the train station. Target followed. Hostiles pursued on foot both on ground level and on roof level. Roof level hostiles – about seven (7) – were lost pretty quickly. Two (2) fell behind, three (3) were shot by myself and two (2) by the target. All fatal. Ground level hostiles remained. Remaining hostiles numbered about fifteen (15) in total. Returned to ground level at the train station and headed for station warehouses. Attempt was first made to loose hostiles in the crowds in the train station but only the earliest of early morning commuters were there and crowd cover was insufficient. Once out on the tracks at the station, hostiles opened fire again [O/CFX499/CCTV45-9 inclusive]. Target hit in shoulder and thigh, I was caught on the hip.

TL: Caught?

O: Deep crease then. Lots of blood, hurt like a motherfucker. It was fine. Shot six (6) hostiles. Two (2) fatal, three (3) incapacitated but alive, one (1) crease. All on the tracks. Sorry about that.

TL: No you’re not. Legal are dealing with it. [O/CFX499/LL/sub/ZG2401/x]

O: Gang violence?

TL: Gang violence. Continue.

O: Target and I headed into the railway warehouses. We were pursued. It took two (2) hours but eventually we lost the hostiles in the industrial district. By that time both target and I had lost a lot of blood so we broke into an abandoned house on South Lubov Street, approximately five (5) miles south east of the targets original base. This was at about 0800 hours. We ate and performed the necessary and available medical procedures to minimise permanent damage, blood loss and infection. An attempt was made to rest but a cautionary recon of the surrounding area showed that Wawrzyniak’s people were systematically raiding buildings in the vicinity. Escape was made through the back of the building onto King Ferdinand Street, south west towards the river and the docks. The next thirty six (36) hours were spent in various abandoned buildings in and around the docklands area avoiding hostiles, not sleeping and bleeding a lot. Evac contacted at 1146 on 16/08/2008. Evac arrived by boat at 2045 that evening. Et voila.

TL: To clarify; you contacted Looper for evac for both yourself and the target?

O: What does it look like?

TL: [sharply] Don't get smart with me.

O: [sighs] For me and the target, yes.

TL: And you did this using the comm link you lost at the target’s residence two (2) days previous?

O: Um...

TL: [sighs] You’re an idiot Hawkeye.


Transcript updated 23/08/2008 to include mission codes

I verify that this is an accurate transcript of recorded conversation O/CFX499/DB/18a/mp3 and no additions or changes have been made that would endanger either missions or persons involved, mentioned or alluded to within.


J. D'Oglio
Administrative Assistant

Counter signed

Z. Squarzoni
Head of Records

Agent L. K. Morar
Head of Operations

Fig. 9: SHIELD Operation Document No. 9972
Downloaded: 14.04.2014

Dates and personnel lists have turned up some possible names for the signatories of this document, but it is still unknown at this time who the operatives, and ex-target, were in this case.

I have no idea how to put this on AO3.
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